Burnt Latke
cleanout cap cleanup

The threaded cleanout cap on the rear is the most handled piece on your launcher. A little preparation and maintenance will help prevent jams and knuckle busting. For extra strength and safety a schedule 80 cleanout can be used. Often a U bolt is placed through the cap providing a handle for turning. A stick or pushrod can be placed through the U bolt as a lever. Schedule 80 caps provide an extra margin of safety when using these cleanout cap attachments. It is dangerous to mount the trigger or a BBQ igniter into the cleanout cap, see safety page for explanation.

The cleanout cap is tightened lightly by hand. Over tightened caps usually get jammed, requiring a wrench. Schedule 80 caps have about 2 inches of threads, a little overkill. If all those exposed threads bother you, cut it down with a hack saw. Place a piece of sandpaper on a table face up and grind the cap in a circular motion to even out that funky cut

rough initial cut  
xacto cleanup

Use a sharp knife to remove the last row of threads. Look at the original threads to get an idea of what needs to be done. End the last real thread with a smooth tapered ramp, take your time with the knife. Use some sandpaper and a file to clean up the edge.

Threads on PVC fitting are often flawed with seams which can interfere with smooth operation. Use a small triangle file to remove the majority of the seam. File lightly to avoid creating any flat spots. Use an X-acto knife to remove the last bit of plastic at the bottom of each groove. Very lightly remove the seam from the peak of each thread with sandpaper.

gently file defects  
finished cleanout cap

The finished cap feels smooth and solid, this cap practically threads itself. The flat back side keeps a rifle launcher comfortable when fired from the shoulder. To prevent jamming, use a bit of clear grease on the threads of the female fitting. If it does jam, use a rubber strap wrench to loosen.