Burnt Latke
magnetic lp cylinder holder

If you have decided to bring a propane cylinder onboard the launcher, you've got to figure out how to attach it. An effective and secure technique is to use large hose clamps to lash the tank directly to the chamber. One or two hose clamps would then be loosened to change the cylinder.

The magnetic cylinder holder provides security as well as convenience during tank changes. The holder is constructed of 3 inch sewer pipe cut to size fitted with a 3inch styrene cap.

Sewer pipe and Styrene are unsuitable for
chamber or barrel construction.

magnetic holder  
hot glue in place

Find a strong 20-30 lb. disk magnet for about $5. Use hot glue to secure it to the inside of the cap. Some magnets come mounted in a steel casing which can be bolted to the cap for added security.


The cap is attached to the sewer pipe using PVC cement forming a permanent bond. This makes it hard to re-glue the magnet, so get it in there good the first time. The holder is then lashed to the combustion chamber in the traditional manner using pipe clamps or your imagination.

magnet in place