Burnt Latke
Pacific grip

The Pacific grip is a removable front handle that can be quickly removed for barrel changes or used on many different barrels. The design here works on 2" barrels and also on 1.5" barrels with a collar made from channeled 2"x1.5" adapters.

Pacific parts

Pictured here, the parts to construct the Pacific grip, 2"x2"x1" tee, 1"x3/4" threaded fitting, 3/4" threaded cap, 3/4"x3" threaded steel pipe. Also needed are a 1/4"x4" screw, a 1/4" washer that will fit inside the threaded cap and a scrap of hardwood like ash.

This is the basic design of the Pacific grip. The plastic endcap is tightly threaded holding the washer in place against the metal pipe. The 1/4" bolt is held down also but spins freely. A wooden plunger is threaded to the 1/4" bolt and covered with rubber from an inner tube. The handle, as one piece, is threaded into the tee. Lock the handle to the barrel by tightening the handle, forcing the plunger against the barrel.

exploded view 1 exploded view 2

During testing, the broom handle used here as a plunger split in half, try a true hardwood like ash. The rubber plunger cover pictured here caused problems as it would fold and slip. Current designs do not use this rubber plunger cover.

This is the painful part. Channel the center of the T fitting to allow a 2" pipe to pass snugly through. Avoid touching the factory areas that already fit perfectly. These factory areas provide the handle's alignment should you decide to mount a sight or laser on the Pacific grip. Use a Dremel or a table router to remove the plastic. After grinding for a while, press a 2" pipe into the fitting. It will leave a shiny mark in high spots, grind these areas down.

channeled fitting

Channeling a T fitting makes a mess, luckily PVC dust falls straight down. The fitting here was also chopped on both 2" ends to provide a more compact design. Sand everything smooth preserving the factory areas of the fitting.

This prototype version of the Pacific grip features a self contained laser sight. The laser, trigger and battery are attached to this removable barrel grip. Mouse over the image for motion effect.

Pacific grip In Action  
chopped fitting

To use the Pacific grip on a 1.5" barrel, a collar must be added to bring the diameter to 2". The collar is made from two chopped and channeled 1.5"x2" fittings. This collar is cemented to the barrel and fits perfectly into the Pacific grip.

Mark the area for the collar with a pencil then position both fittings on the pipe on either side of the marks. Lightly cement the marked area and bring the two halves of the connector together in the middle. Primer is not required for this connection.

collar in position
mounted grip

Slide the Pacific grip over the sleeve and tighten in place. During barrel changes or loading, use the grip to loosen the barrel then loosen drive screw and spin the barrel in your fingertips to remove.