Burnt Latke
chamber short

The Chamber Short is a simple idea that solves some common problems encountered with multi spark ignitions. The Chamber Short (CS) is mounted inside the chamber providing two additional spark contacts. It eliminates the need to drill multiple holes in the combustion chamber and allows for positioning of the spark along the thinner, single wall of the middle chamber. The CS also reduces the number of wires used in a multiple spark setup.

chamber short
short bottom

First determine your electrode placement then cut a piece of thin wall PVC lengthwise to fit. Bend a coat hanger as shown using pliers. Drill small holes through the PVC and secure the coat hanger with twisted craft wire. Place the CS into the chamber to determine electrode length then cut to size.

Grind the tips of the CS electrodes to a point. They do not need to be razor sharp, this makes it tough to reach your hand inside for adjustments or repairs. The Dremel has a rotating collar near the tip which will slip into a U shaped groove creating a grinder setup similar to the one pictured here. Cut the U shape with the Dremel in thin plastic or metal. Mount horizontal or vertically.

grinding the tips  
mark with pencil

Position the CS inside the chamber and mark with a pencil. Use a Dremel with a sanding wheel to rough up the area below the CS. This will help the epoxy stick to the chamber wall

Use 5 minute epoxy to secure the CS in place. This is a two part adhesive that sets up quickly. Cut some strips out of cardboard to mix and apply the glue. Squirt a large pile of glue on cardboard and mix at once. While holding the CS, electrodes pointing down, fill the PVC trough with epoxy. Quickly position inside your pencil marks and hold in place until dry.

glue and applicators  
bad glue job

The glue job pictured here failed, it cracked when adjusting the CS electrodes. The trick is to rough up the area below the CS first then use enough glue to connect the metal part of the CS with the chamber floor.


The Chamber Short provides an easy alternative to electrode placement. Multiple shorts can be placed along the same length of PVC. A modified CS can also be used inside a section of threaded chamber extension (sch. 80 advised) providing three sparks with the switch of only two wires.