Burnt Latke
slug cutter

The traditional procedure of loading potatoes in a launcher is from the front with a long pushrod. This works fine but there is a different way. Breech loading from the rear offers some advantages despite the fact that the barrel must be removed. Using a slug cutter and a pass-thru barrel can speed up reloading, especially when shooting with friends. When one person has the launcher, another can be loading the slug cutter and a second barrel. The spud gets cut separate from the launcher preventing starch buildup on the handgrips and sights. The slug cutter uses a small 6" pushrod. With a 'shorty' cutter, you could push the potato into the barrel with your fingertips.

finished cutter

This is a completed slug cutter for a 1.5" barrel. Use a 2"female threaded adapter attached to a 2"x 1.5" reducer. A length of 1.5" PVC the same as your barrel is also needed, this is the cutting tube. The reducer fitting will need to be channeled to allow the 1.5" cutting tube to pass completely through. Visit the pass-thru barrel page for details on this. Cement the fittings together but wait to cement the cutting tube until the correct position is established.

The slug cutter should lock in place quickly with one or two turns. The amount of overhang on the pass-thru barrel determines the placement of the cutting tube on the slug cutter.

both halves  
marking the joint

The position of the cutting tube is marked before it is cemented in place. Engage the threads to the desired depth then place the cutting tube inside the fitting against the barrel. Mark this area well with a pencil. Apply masking tape to protect the female threads then attach the cutting tube to the fitting with PVC cement.

Sharpen the edge of the cutting tube with a Dremel or file. A slight taper on the inside edge will help funnel the spud tightly into the pipe.

tapered edge  


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